Voucherek Sales Policy “online Agreement”

About Us

Voucherek is an online platform that offers products and services in partnership with local and international merchants and store owners. The aim of this electronic platform is to facilitate the buying and selling process between both the seller and the consumer (Voucherek customer) so that a safe shopping process is available for both parties through the Voucherek platform. Voucherek makes every effort and care it can take to make this process safe and sound for the parties who deal through it. However, Voucherek is not responsible for any deliberate errors, negligence or default made by one of the parties.

The Merchant

An individual, institution, or company that practices the sale process to the buyer through the Voucherek platform.

The Customer

A purchaser of the service or products offered on the Voucherek platform, whether the costumer is an individual, company or institution, so that the purchase process is made through the Voucherek platform.

The Merchant's Obligations
1. Providing products or services agreed upon with the Voucherek platform, in addition to delivering them free from apparent and hidden defects. In case selling of vouchers, the merchant undertakes to verify their correctness and data, match it with the purchase order and the reference number of the vouchers.
2. Bearing the guarantee for the products, services or vouchers offered on the Voucherek platform that are found to be defective upon handover by compensating the platform and customers thereof.
3. Not to change the prices of the products or services offered on the platform without prior approval from the platform thereof.
4. Securing and reserving the quantity of products or services agreed to be marketed through the platform, otherwise the merchant will be responsible for the obligations and damages that arise when registering purchase orders for these products or services that he undertook to provide without the ability to deliver them.
5. Notifying the platform when it is not able to secure any agreed products or services immediately without delay.
6. Compliance with relevant regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These include, but are not limited to: the commercial Fraud Law, the Standards Law, the Trade Names Law, the Intellectual Property Rights Law and other things that bind the owner of the product or service.
7. Enabling the platform to have the right to view any documents that it requests from him.
8. Ensuring the customer complaints about the products or services provided by him through the Voucherek platform.
9. The merchant is not considered in any way an agent, representative or spokesperson for the platform.
10. The merchant may not waive his rights or obligations arising from the platform's approval at the merchant's account or its transfer, or delegation without the express and written consent of the platform.
11. The merchant is obligated to make a record for any process of delivering products to the platform, so that the record includes the shipment data, the recipient, and his reference number (Bill of lading) and data of the handover officer at the merchant.
12. The merchant shall remain the owner of the products marketed by the platform until the completion of the sale process to the consumer and the handover of the required products and services. There is no obligation for the platform to purchase these goods or services or any part of them, but rather they are mortgaged according to the purchase order issued by the buyer.
13. When offering reduced products or discounted services to be marketed, the merchant is obligated to follow the relevant regulations and obtain the necessary licenses to make the discounts, and he shall be responsible to third parties and the concerned authorities for the violation thereof.
The Merchant’s Dealing with Voucherek Platform:
1. The relationship between the merchant and the Voucherek platform is not temporary for a specific period. Nevertheless, Voucherek may at any time suspend the merchant account temporarily or permanently in any of the following cases:
• Violation of any of the obligations contained in this agreement.
• Frequent customer complaints about the merchant.
• If it is proven at the platform that the merchant has violated any of the relevant regulations.
2. The platform's authority to suspend or withhold is at the discretion of the platform itself.
3. In case that the merchant wishes to temporarily or permanently suspend or suspend his account, he must notify the platform at least three calendar months before the specified date.
4. The platform's assignment of any of the provisions of these terms of sale may not be construed as a waiver of any other provisions contained therein (whether the provisions are similar or different), and the assignment of one of the provisions may not be construed as a permanent assignment thereof unless the platform expresses that explicitly and in writing.
The Platform’s Obligations:
1. The goods to be marketed and sold shall remain in the warehouses and stores of the merchant, and it is permissible to agree on otherwise later with the merchant under a separate agreement.
2. Voucherek platform sends the daily requests to the merchant for the sales obtained on the platform for the goods or services of the merchant to the email that was registered in the account by the merchant.
3. The operations team of the platform visits the stores of the merchant to receive the orders, and the merchant delivers the materials that were sold according to the data sent via e-mail registered with the platform, and it is required that it be in its original condition and in conformity with the specifications announced on the platform, free from any apparent or hidden defects that might cause rejection by the final buyer.
4. When the platform markets and displays the merchant’s services in a condition that is a service and not a product to be shipped, the platform provides the buyer with the purchase voucher for the requested service via his email or any other agreed method. The buyer must then provide the merchant with the purchase order and voucher information via the agreed contact information so that the service purchase voucher includes the following data:
1) Buyer's name and information.
2) Name and data of the service provider (the second party).
3) Date of purchase.
4) Service type.
5) Service value.
6) The voucher’s expiration date.
7) The voucher’s reference number.
5. In other items, the platform provides the merchant with purchase orders daily by e-mail or phone approved between the platform and the merchant.
6. The platform has the right to return the products to the merchant's warehouse in case that they cannot be delivered to customer or in case that any of the reasons for retrieval mentioned in the agreement, appendices, terms and policies of the online platform of the platform occur.
7. The platform shall comply with displaying the price agreed upon with the merchant, and the platform has no right to make any additional discounts only after taking the necessary permits from the competent authorities.
1. The merchant acknowledges that you have read and agreed to everything stated in the sale policy, and all the policies applicable to the platform or that it develops later.
2. The merchant undertakes the health and safety of the products and services offered, and the platform's right to impose penalties and demurrages on the merchant for violating any of the above.
3. The merchant declares that his continuous use of the platform and its services after making any change shall be deemed as his agreement to abide by the changes that occurred and work according to the terms stated after amending and changing them.
4. The merchant shall agree to compensate and disclaim the platform, its parent company, its subsidiary or subsidiary companies, or its or their employees, including directors, Board members, employees, agents, suppliers, subcontractors or licensors for losses, harm, damages, or expenses (including legal fees and attorneys' fees) arising out of or related to the following:
• Any claims or requests made by any third party arising from your use of the website and our services.
• Violation of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement, including, without limitation, any guarantees, representations or undertakings.
• Any violation of the applicable laws.
The Value and Payment Method
1. The platform collects the value of the products that were sold to customers through its website. It also collects the value of purchases for services provided to customers, provided that the reference in the collection process for services are notices of vouchers sent from the platform to the merchant.
2. After deducting its agreed-upon commission from the sale of any good or service, according to the agreed offer for the purpose of implementing this policy, the platform shall re-transfer these amounts to the merchant's account.
3. The platform shall pay the net value due to the merchant according to the collection statement that includes the purchase orders and value after deducting the percentage allocated to the second party, and payment is made according to the following:
• Purchase orders issued in the period from 1st to 15th of each month - the collection value thereof shall be paid within the 17th and 18th days of the same month.
• Purchase orders issued in the period from the 16th to the 31st of each month, and the collection value thereof shall be paid within the 2nd to 4th of the following month.
4. Each party is responsible for the costs of Zakat, taxes and fees applied to it, including but not limited to, licenses, permits, customs, value-added taxes, and withholding tax, unless otherwise expressly and in writing agreed between the parties.
5. The merchant bears the value added tax in the net amounts due to him according to the collection statement. The platform bears the added tax value for the agreed upon commission that he receives in return for the services he provides to the merchant, which is indicated in the collection statement.
6. The amounts due shall be paid according to the collection statement via wire transfer in favor of the merchant according to the data he provided.
Return of Products:
1. The applicable returning policy in the platform applies, and the relevant regulations in the matter of return and exchange shall apply.
2. The platform checks the integrity of the product when the customer requests a return or exchange and notify the merchant of the return or exchange process provided by the customer. The platform returns the product to its warehouse to re-market it and sell it.
3. In case that the reason for the return or exchange process is due to the original defect of the product, etc., the merchant shall bear the value of the return cost from receiving it from the customer until it is returned to the merchant.
1. Official correspondence and notices related to the implementation of this policy and what follows it shall be exchanged via e-mail and the mobile number registered with the platform.
2. Communication with the merchant shall be made to his email address according to the registration data.
Settlement of Disputes:
1. This policy is subject to the applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and shall be interpreted and implemented accordingly.
2. If any court of jurisdiction decides that any of the provisions of these Terms of Sale are invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, this clause of these conditions shall be canceled immediately and the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in force as long as the legal and economic essence of the deals that were concluded under its terms exists without any adverse effect on the parties involved.
3. None of the parties to the agreement shall be held responsible for any loss, damage, delay or failure to perform due to acts beyond their control. whether those acts or events can first be reasonably predictable (including judiciary events, acts of God, legislative or court judgments or regulatory government decisions or those made by local governments, the federal government, courts, governing bodies, subcontractors' works or any third party supplier of goods or services to us, economic boycott, power outages, or labor unrest).
4. The disputes or disputes arising from this contract shall be settled by amicable settlement between the two parties. If the two parties failed to resolve it amicably within thirty days of the conflict or disagreement between them, it shall be referred to the competent court in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a final decision.
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